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To volunteer on campus, please contact our data control clerk at (626) 396-5650.

Volunteer Program – Family Resource Center 351 S. HUDSON AVE., ROOM 121, PASADENA 626.396.3606
Interested in volunteering at our school?  You must comply with appropriate volunteer screening requirements, including results of a TB skin test. 

PUSD asks that you commit to volunteering for a minimum of one hour per week each semester.

Steps to volunteer:

  1. Contact your school’s volunteer coordinator. All schools have a designated volunteer coordinator on campus.
  2. Comply with appropriate volunteer screening requirements, including results of a TB skin test. 


  1. Submit a completed volunteer application with proof of TB skin test clearance to the Family Resource Center. 
  2. Complete a personal interview with a school or district volunteer coordinator. 
  3. Receive child safety clearance. PUSD will conduct a Megan’s Law check. Live Scan fingerprinting and a background check through the Department of Justice and FBI are required for most volunteer positions. 
  4. Attend a two-hour volunteer orientation session, held once per month. 
  5. Obtain a PUSD volunteer badge. 

Not a PUSD parent?
Follow the Steps to Becoming a Volunteer. Contact the PUSD Family Resource Center

Please be advised that because of health and child safety requirements, it can take from 10 days to several weeks to complete the application process before you may actually begin volunteering. Our staff provides free TB testing, processing, training and placement.

Health Clearance
A certificate of tuberculosis skin test clearance (taken within the last four years) is required. The TB skin test is a two-step process, which may mean up to four visits to your medical provider or the PUSD Health Clinic.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has informed local Public Health Departments about a national shortage of TB skin tests. As of September 16, 2013 PUSD’s Primary Health Clinic has suspended TB testing for volunteers.

It is estimated that free TB skin testing for volunteers will resume in January 2014.

TB clearance may be obtained via blood tests which can be performed at your regular doctor’s office or at the Pasadena Public Health Department Clinic at 1845 N. Fair Oaks, Pasadena. 

Volunteer Interviews 
by appointment only

Once we receive your application and TB test and check your references, we will contact you to schedule an interview to determine your areas of interest and preferences for potential placement.

Interviews are held Wednesdays from 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. by appointment only. Please allow a minimum of 30 minutes. You will then be referred for a child safety clearance appointment.

Child Safety Clearance
Child safety clearance is conducted through Megan’s Law and/or Department of Justice/FBI.

After your interview and by appointment only, PUSD provides volunteers with free Live Scan fingerprinting for Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation background checks. A government-issue photo identification is required. Fingerprinting is conducted Wednesday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. by appointment only.

Orientation & ID Badges
Once we receive your child safety clearance, you will be assigned a seat in the New Volunteer Orientation session held once per month. Your PUSD volunteer photo ID will be issued at that time.