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Dress Code Policy

School Uniform/ Dress Code

The Altadena Arts Magnet community supports the uniform dress code policy, which was adopted in 2003. The dress code requires all students to dress in blue, white or black tops with khaki, blue or black bottoms.

The acceptable “tops” for Altadena students are:


●  Polo-type shirts

●  Full cut standard shirts with collars

●  Turtlenecks

●  All of the above must be solid black, white, or blue

●  Altadena Spirit Wear

The acceptable “bottoms” for Altadena Arts students are:

●  Pants, shorts, skirts, or jumpers

●  Blue jeans without rips and tears are allowed

●  All of the above must be blue, khaki or black

College and Career-Bound Focus ​- On ​Fridays students are encouraged to wear college spirit shirts.


Please note that the following are ​not permitted​ as part of our dress code: sandals, short shorts, ripped jeans, blouses or shirts exposing midriff, spaghetti straps, leggings without skirts, shorts or dresses, and tank tops.

Please support Altadena Arts Magnet’s dress code policy by requiring your child/children wear the uniform everyday.