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Policies and Procedures

Getting Involved


Parent Teacher Association (PTA) - ​Parental involvement has proven to be such an important part of a child’s education. While we encourage you to attend PTA meetings and get involved with our wide range of committees, we understand that everyone’s schedule allows for a different level of participation. We have planned many great fundraising activities for the 2018-2019 school year. We hope that you will support us as we raise funds for field trips, events, and teaching materials. For more information please contact PTA President, Mrs. Victoria Knapp at

Statutory Councils

Altadena Annual Fund (AAF) - ​Annual Fund is an organization designed for the sole purpose of raising money for the elementary and middle schools to offset budget deficits and provide enrichment. Parents plan an annual giving drive for school families and the local Altadena community. Teachers, staff, administration, and the School Site Council determine how funds are spent.  

AAPC ​(African American Parent Council) - is a coalition of collaborative parents, students, schools, and communities. The AAPC respects and embraces the diverse cultures of our communities, facilitates educational equity and improvements in academic outcomes, values varied forms of parent involvement to foster the healthy development of all students, and provides tools and skills necessary for families to access information to purposefully participate in a rapidly changing world.

ELAC ​(English Language Advisory Council) - Parents participate in the English Learner Advisory Committee to address issues specifically related to English Learners. The committee typically reviews EL data and programs and advises the principal, school staff, and SSC on programs and services for English Learners to assure the needs of ELL students are being met.

SSC (School Site Council) ​- The council is a school governance body that strives to improve student achievement through review and approval of the SPSA (School Plan for Student Achievement), oversight of funding for specially funded accounts, dissemination of information about school events, and planning of current and future programs.