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Altadena Arts Magnet has long been a jewel in the crown of the Pasadena Unified School District. It has a very special heritage, having been built on the present site in 1903. The Mount Lowe tram stopped at our front door on the way to Mount Wilson.

The Altadena staff, parents, and community are in agreement that our learning environment is of prime importance for all students. We believe that self efficacy and pride in work and school, as well as healthy bodies and minds, are the necessary components needed for students to learn and to be taught.

In 2009, Altadena became an inclusion school.  As an inclusion school, Altadena Arts Magnet welcomes all students in age-appropriate, general education classes.  At our school, all students, typical and those with special needs, are supported to learn, contribute, and participate in all aspects of the life of the school.  Our classroms reflect the similarities and differences of people in the real world, and our students learn to respect diversity and appreciate the similarities and differences of the children in their circle of friends and the wider school community.  

Opportunities for staff, parent and community involvement include PTA, Instructional Leadership Team, School Site Council, English Learners Advisory Committee, African American Parent Council, parent education workshops, volunteer opportunities coordinated by the community assistant, and Spanish language translation at meetings.

Several special programs are also offered for our students, including Structured English Immersion classes, Title 1 resource program, Fine Arts Friday, Third Grade "Learn to Swim Program" Gifted and Talented program, homework assistance, instrumental music, state sponsored preschool, school library, Special Education services, LEARNs, Children Defense Fund Freedom School, and counseling services with D'Veal Family Services.

Over the years, we have developed partnerships with several community organizations, including Altadena Rotary Club, Altadena National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Pasadena Educational Foundation, Parent Education Network, Nutrition Network, Reading is Fundamental, Book Pals, Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, the Huntington Library Art Collection, and Botanical Gardens, Rose Bowl Riders Charitable Organization, and Pasadena Assistance League. Altadena School apppreciates the enrichment opportunities that these organizations provide for our students and their families.   

As a school of choice, Altadena highlights multicultural literacy emphasizing reading, writing and performance of literature, poetry and drama. Reading, student writing, and performances are grounded in the studies of history and culture. Mathematics and science are interwoven as part of Altadena's all around curriculum.